“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

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The freelance photographer who started his career 15 years ago in the film industry working on documentary films as a lighting technician and master of photography. The videos he made at the beginning of his career most often expressed the passage of life, the magnificence of nature and the environment in which the artist lives. The further career was shaped by his love of photography, and watching the world through the lens recorded numerous moments from his surroundings. The motifs of nature and ordinary man were most commonly found in his everyday life. His love of art led him to the theater, where his counters recorded numerous moments of creating other art. Working with young people is a great inspiration for him, so during a period of his professional career he devoted support to young photographers to amateurs and work with non-governmental organizations through filming and photographing various social and social events. Later, he returned to filming and photography of theater performances, young musicians' concerts and an exhibition organized by the Slovenian culture associations.

In 2015 Vladimir has started with the airborne shooting. With over 800 hours of flight, he has also perfected video and photo production from the air and has made many projects in collaboration with other multimedia experts.